Jealous and insecure?

GUEST POST BY Daniel Snowling The jealousy that we experience in a relationship comes from the fear of separation which to one degree or another we all have, no one likes to have things taken…

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10 signs your boyfriend is worth holding on to

BY Laura Lovejoy Every person is different and this means every relationship is different. There is no special formula to know if you have found the one but here are my tips on how you…

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Can’t hold us down

GUEST POST BY Tommy Hibbits ‘A guy fucks three girls then he’s the man, he can even give her some head, some sex, a roar, and a girl do the same then she’s a whore,’…

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Is there an age limit on love?

GUEST POST BY Nicole Rachel Lester We are all searching for that special someone. The person who we can spend the rest of our lives with. Many people think that marriage is the way to…

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When should you walk away?

By Laura Lovejoy  There is no doubt that relationships are hard. No matter how much you have in common you will still have your differences and they can have an epic effect on the relationship.…

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