Social Concierge

BY Laura Lovejoy  When you are one of London’s most eligible bachelors you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a date, right? Unfortunately, when you’re busy making a name for yourself and working on that promotion…

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GUEST POST BY Anisa Easterbrook For Everyone Who Slams Online Dating When my friend first introduced me to Tinder I thought no way am I ever downloading it. Tinder meant online dating and for me,…

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Single vs Relationship

GUEST POST BY Monique Nicole This article will discuss both the benefits of being in a relationship and the benefits of being single. Everyone in this world, young and old, changes and evolves during different…

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In The Name of Love

GUEST POST BY Nicole Rachel Lester People fall in love every day, but what happens when the relationship does not conform to what we have come to see as normal? Society has created an image…

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Down in The Dumps

GUEST POST BY Anisa Easterbrook ‘What is it I’m doing which is making you so unhappy?’ There’s a question I’ve heard a few times before. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and wanted to write…

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