Making Friends As An Adult

I don’t have a lot of friends, I never have and I’ve never been afraid to admit that. When I was growing up, I would flitter between groups and most of the time I enjoyed…

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All I Really Want Is Money In My Pocket!

“All I really want is money in my pocket”, not sure if you remember the Wiley ft. Daniel Merriwether song from way back in 2008 but this January I have found myself singing it a…

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Life Should Be Like The Movies

If I had a pound for every time Clint told me that I need to stop imagining that everything should be like the movies then I would be a very rich woman but with the…

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Why I Will Never Change My Last Name

Laura Lovejoy is more than just a name, it’s who I am. I would never expect anyone else to give up something as important as their name for me, so why am I expected to do the same?

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Having Doubts In A Relationship

I am not the kind of person who believes you just meet someone and that’s it, you are in blind love forever and never have any doubts. Maybe that’s because I haven’t had that kind…

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