What To Do When You Can’t See Eye To Eye

In every relationship, whether that be with friends, family or partners there comes a point that you don’t see eye to eye. This could be because of different spending habits or even something as silly as…

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Surviving a holiday with your boyfriend: 5 top tips

It’s rare for you to spend as much time with your partner as what you do on holiday. As dull as it sounds, most people (including myself) spend more time with people they work with…

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Which Dating App is the Best?

At one point, Tinder was my life. It wasn’t just a way of looking for love or to meet new people, it was entertainment and I spent way more time than I should probably admit…

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Tips For Dealing With Anxiety in a Relationship

BY Laura Lovejoy I hate it when people go on and on about their anxiety issues, it’s as though anxiety and depression have become fashionable but what many people don’t know is that I suffer…

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Why Alcohol Is Bad For Your Relationship

By Laura Lovejoy Clint and I bicker about the cleaning sometimes, we sometimes fall out over him being inconsiderate or if I am being a moody bitch but we only ever have full on screaming…

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