Infograpgic: Apps for Love

By Laura Lovejoy  You may have read my recent post on apps to improve or destroy your love life but the wonderful people at Carvaka Sex Toys have gone one step further and created the below infographic…

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Best Frenemies

  BY Laura Lovejoy Falling in love with someone is hard, learning about all their annoying habits and still loving them is one thing but then having to learn to love the things that aren’t…

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A Couple’s Guide To A Hangover

BY Laura Lovejoy The morning after a night out is dangerous territory. It’s bad enough if you have to suffer it alone but having to navigate someone else’s feelings after 10 G+Ts, 7 shots of…

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Apps for Improving (or Destroying) Your Love Life

BY Laura Lovejoy So many things in our lives have been disrupted by technology (all hail Uber!!). But the impact technology has had on our love lives is profound. I was having a chat with…

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Why You Should Never Date Your Bartender

BY Anonymous  We’ve all been there: that cute, tall, handsome guy behind the bar can at times seem utterly irresistible. He pours you drinks in the form of fruity cocktails and straight tequila shots, gives…

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