Silverstone Track Experience Day

What many people don’t know about me is that under all the pink and the sparkle is a die-hard Formula One fan. It all started from when I was a tot and used to sit in…

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A Guinness A Day…

BY Laura Lovejoy Last weekend we got back from our trip to Dublin. We spent the week in a lovely apartment with my Mum and Dad in Temple Bar right in the heart of all the action…

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Life Before Online Dating

By Laura Lovejoy My first experience of online dating was in my first year of uni. I had just broken up with my ex and to prove to my uni friends that I was over…

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Do long distance relationships really work? 

BY Laura Lovejoy When I went off to uni, I was planning on making a long distance relationship work and while mine and my exes relationship was doomed from the beginning (hindsight is a wonderful…

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Paris? How cliche!

Paris is the city of love, romantic gestures and candle lit dinners. Whenever you mention that you’re going you’re greeted by winks and the typical ‘do you think he will propose?’ nonsense. Yes, there is…

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